(PLAY) The Mousetrap

Presented By: Las Cruces Community Theatre
Dates: February 1- February 17
Times: Every Friday and Saturday at 8PM and Sunday at 2PM.
Location: 313 N. Main Street
Admission:  $10 General
Reservations: www.lcctnm.org  or (575) 523-1200

Watch the Trailer: HERE

“The Mousetrap” is the 5th production of the 50th Anniversary season at Las Cruces Community Theatre, 313 N. Downtown Mall in Las Cruces, and will be directed by Ceil Herman. The production is scheduled to run February 1-17, 2013. 
“The Mousetrap” holds an appeal that no other work, even Agatha Christie’s other work, can compare to. No one is who they appear to be and mystery lurks around every corner. The play opens with a woman’s piercing scream. Mrs. Maureen Lyon has been murdered. “In connection with the murder, the police are anxious to interview a man seen in the vicinity, wearing a dark overcoat, light scarf and a soft felt hat”.  Newlyweds Mollie (Marissa Bond) and Giles Ralston (Raphael Medina) have converted the once-regal Monkwell Manor into a guest house. Eager for their first guests to arrive and concerned about the encroaching blizzard, they hardly take notice of the murder as it is announced on the radio. Soon they will not have the luxury of ignoring it. 
Mollie and Giles are preparing for their first night as innkeepers at Monkswell Manor. They go about their business well enough but not even an experienced innkeeper could have predicted the arrival of such a mysterious group of guests. Mr. Christopher Wren, a wild looking neurotic young man played by Donny Prosise; the insatiable Mrs. Boyle (Nikka Ziemer), the soldierly Major Metcalf (Gorton Smith); the manly Miss Casewell (Katie Hulbert), and last, the mysterious and unexpected Mr. Paravicini (Armando Sarabia). To make matters worse they all arrive in the midst of a terrible blizzard, a blizzard that brings a strange and unexpected guest (Sloan Patton) to the Manor. Stuck at the Manor with no means of escape the guests butt heads and begin discovering that everyone here holds a secret. Though, whose secret holds they key to unraveling the mystery? You will just have to watch and see. 
The Mousetrap by the murder mystery master, Agatha Christie is the longest running play in history. It opened in 1952 in London’s West End and has been running continuously every since. 2012 was the play’s Diamond Jubilee, hitting its 25,000th performance on November 18, 2012. Christie originally wrote a short radio play in 1947 entitled “Three Blind Mice” as a present for the Queen. Sir Peter Saunders, the original producer of the play describes how that sparked an idea that led to the creation of the play as follows: “When the late Queen Mary was approaching her eightieth birthday, she was asked by the BBC what she would like to celebrate the event, anything from Shakespeare to opera. Queen Mary said she would like ‘an Agatha Christie play’ and Mrs. Christie promptly wrote a thirty minute radio production called “Three Blind Mice”. This was eventually to become “The Mousetrap.” It was some years later that Agatha Christie asked me to lunch with her. Over the coffee she handed me a brown paper parcel and said: ‘This is a little present for you.’ The present was the script of “The Mousetrap.””

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